Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Entry #9

Victoria Beckham Special Edition Range Rover Evoque

I truly admire Victoria Beckham because she has created a fashion label that has more than just her celebrity name on it.  Season after season, she has presented a cohesive, beautiful vision of her line

Now Mrs. Beck's has teamed up with Range Rover to serve as guest creative director for a special edition of their latest model, Evoque.  She teamed up with filmmaker Nick Knight to create a video.  It's very futuristic and modern but at the same time sexy and intriguing.  I really enjoyed the clip, actually. 

"I want everyone who gets into this car to feel special and empowered by its quality and craftsmanship. I like that it feels luxurious but also has quite a classic edge to it as well as a contemporary feel."  Clad in her own VB designs in the film, I would say this is a match made in heaven.  


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