Monday, April 9, 2012

Blog Entry #7

Haute in the city... 

I am from Omaha, Nebraska and that's not typically the place you think of when your looking for fashion forward movers and shakers.  But my friend Caroline Moore Hinrichs is trying to do just that.  Her production company, Step Group, is hosting Haute City,an interactive, pop-up shopping event at Midtown Crossing.  With 7 buildings and over 1 million square feet, it's Omaha's largest commercial mixed-use development.


There will be food, drink, and clothing from local vendors and the evening will wrap with a VIP rooftop party (very New York, no?).  This is a great way to bring a city, although small compared to New York, together in ways it normally would not.  There are so many wonderful, small, locally owned boutiques and they should be supported more.  So check it out!

Now I wish I lived in Omaha to attend :)

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